Broadcast india 2020 we go Digital’ Edition

<td class="text"><ul><li>Let’s e-meet before we re-meet</li><li>From 29<sup>th</sup> October, 2020, BROADCAST INDIA 2020 – ‘WE GO DIGITAL’ EDITION</li></ul><p>will offer comprehensive presentation options and year-long networking opportunities</p><ul><li>Save the date: The next Broadcast India will take place from 21 - 23 October, 2021</li></ul><p>Due to the global health crisis resulting from the CoVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions that have been imposed on travel and business operations, the Broadcast India Show will transition to a digital model for the year 2020.</p><p>As the region’s leading event for television, film, radio, audio: from its content creation to its management and delivery, the event has witnessed considerable support from the Industry, while enjoying steady year on year growth. The event, now in its 30<sup>th</sup> year has been the epicenter of many conversations and interactions; the whole Film and Television community has converged in Mumbai year after year to meet their peers as also to get a sneak peek into the paradigm shifts in infotainment technology across the globe.&nbsp;</p><p>The decision to move the event into a digital space would ensure that this community remains connected amidst these unprecedented times, by creating online experiences which will redefine the way information is shared, while allowing the Stakeholders to engage in new and unique ways.</p><p>Along with BROADCAST INDIA, co-located events SCAT and CONTENT INDIA, under the parent umbrella of A.B.I.S.- ASIA’s BROADCASTING &amp; INFOTAINMENT SHOW, will also be digitally hosted, providing three days of seamless networking experience.</p><p>The BROADCAST INDIA 2020- WE GO DIGITAL EDITION - will be launched on 29<sup>th </sup>October, 2020, providing an innovative all year-round opportunity for exhibitors to remain connected with experts and decision-makers, thus enabling business continuity. &nbsp;The platform is designed to engage the participants by offering access to an exclusive online forum featuring exhibitor product information, announcements and demos. Attendees will get an opportunity to interact with companies representing almost every vertical of the broadcast, entertainment and technology industries.</p><p>Delegates to the conference program can expect a good mix of live as well as pre-recorded sessions, interactive panel discussions via Q &amp; A chat conversations, masterclass sessions, while exhibitors can showcase their products, build conversations and have one-to-one meetings with registered attendees; thus making this event the logical extension of the physical event.</p><p>Speaking on the occasion, Sonia Prashar, Chairperson of the Management Board &amp; Managing Director, NürnbergMesse India said, “Direct, face to face networking still remains the most efficient way to connect and establish contacts, however extraordinary times such as these demand flexibility and innovation. By creating the digital experience, BROADCAST INDIA 2020, NürnbergMesse India aims to bring Industry stakeholders together, allowing participants a unique opportunity to showcase their capabilities and engage with each other through a new format. Join us this October to restart the conversations and discussions.”</p><ul><li><p>She further adds, “Furthermore by presenting all the three leading shows on a single platform covering the domains of broadcast, cable, satellite, content, broadband, media and infotainment, we expect that this combination will benefit the Industry at large”.</p><p>&nbsp;BROADCAST INDIA 2020 - ‘WE GO DIGITAL’ EDITION (<a href="http://www.abis-digital.com/" target="_blank">www.abis-digital.com</a> <em>launching on 29<sup>th</sup> of October 2020), </em>will feature a good mix of technical sessions, technology showcase &amp; networking. The platform itself will offer numerous features including meeting scheduler, product spotlight, attendee profiling etc. thus enabling seamless connectivity.</p><p>&nbsp;BIS 2021 will resume as a physical event from 21-23 October 2021 at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India. <strong>So, lets e-meet before we re-meet !</strong></p><p>&nbsp;For more information on participation at BI 2020 - WE GO DIGITAL EDITION please contact:</p></li></ul><strong style="text-decoration:underline;">Contact for Exhibition:</strong><p>Varun Gaba<br>Director- Projects<br>T: +91 22 62165303<br>E: <a href="mailto:varun.gaba@nm-india.com"> varun.gaba@nm-india.com</a></p><p>Pranali Raut<br>Asst. Director – Project<br>T: +91-22-62165313<br>E: <a href="mailto:pranali.raut@nm-india.com">pranali.raut@nm-india.com</a></p><strong style="text-decoration:underline;">Contact for Broadcasting &amp; Film Magazine:</strong><p>Manoj Madhavan<br>Editor<br>M: +91 9108232956<br>E:<a href="mailto:manoj.madhavan@nm-india.com">manoj.madhavan@nm-india.com</a></p><strong style="text-decoration:underline;">Contact for Press &amp; PR:</strong><p>Rucheeka Chhugani<br>Director - Corporate Communications <br>T +91 11 4716882<br>E:<a href="mailto:rucheeka.chhugani@nm-india.com">rucheeka.chhugani@nm-india.com</a></p><strong style="text-decoration:underline;">About NürnbergMesse Group</strong><p>NürnbergMesse is one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world. The portfolio covers 120 national and international exhibitions and congresses and approx. 40 sponsored pavilions at the Nuremberg location and worldwide. Every year, around 30,000 exhibitors (international share: 41%) and 1.4 million visitors (international share of trade visitors: 24%) participate in the own, partner and guest events of the NürnbergMesse Group, which is present with subsidiaries in China, North America, Brazil, Italy, Greece and India. The group also has a network of about 50 representatives operating in over 100 countries.</p>Website: <a href="http://www.nuernbergmesse.de/" target="_blank">www.nuernbergmesse.de </a> , <a href="https://www.nm-india.com/" target="_blank">www.nm-india.com</a></td>